Connectorized Power Amplifiers

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index path#Freq (GHz)Gain (dB)Gain flatness (dB)NF (dB)Input Return Loss (dB)Output Return Loss (dB)P-1 dB Output (dBm)OutPut Psat (dBm)OIP3(dBm)Bias Voltage (V)Bias Current (mA)PAEPackage Style
SAC1121 27.5~31GHz25dB±1.5dBN/A161640.5 dBmN/AN/A+6V13000mAN/AAluminum Alloy Silver Plated with WR28 Connectors
SAC1123 34~36 GHz24 dBN/AN/A1.61.640 dBmN/AN/A+6.3V11 AN/AAluminum Alloy Silver Plated with WR28 Connectors
SAC1125 9~11GHz23 dBN/AN/A-14 -12N/AN/A42 dBm+13.5V5.5 AN/AAluminum Alloy with SMA-F Connectors
SAC1127 13.5~14.75 GHz23 dBN/AN/A1.51.547.5 dBmN/AN/A+8.5V25 AN/AAluminum Alloy with SMA-K/WR62
SAC1129 28~30 GHz30 dBN/AN/A23.532.5 dBmN/AN/A+6V1.4 AN/AAluminum Alloy Gold Plated with WR28 Connectors
SAC1145 0.7GHz~1.3GHz31 dB±1.5dBN/A-14dB-15dB36 dBmN/A45dBm+8V1200mA33%N/A
SAC1150 9~11GHz22.5dB10.5dB-14dB-14dB45dBm+15V8500mA33%N/A