Connectorized Low Noise Amplifiers

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index path#Freq (GHz)Gain (dB)Gain flatness (dB)NF (dB)Input VSWROutput VSWRP-1 dB Output (dBm)OutPut Psat (dBm)OIP3(dBm)Bias Voltage (V)Bias Current (mA)PAEPackage Style
SAC1130 30~450 MHz30 dBN/A0.6 dB1.41.618 dBmN/AN/A+7~+15V100mAN/AAluminum Alloy Case
SAC1131 350 ~ 700 MHz36 dBN/A0.6 dB1.41.618 dBmN/AN/A+7V~+15V100mAN/AAluminum Alloy Case with SMA Connectors
SAC1132 0.7~1.4GHz33 dBN/A0.7 dB1.51.620 dBmN/AN/A+7V~+15V100mAN/A7050 Aluminum alloy
SAC1133 1.7~2.7GHz32 dBN/A0.9 dB1.51.68 dBmN/AN/A+7V~+15V70mAN/AAluminum Alloy Case with SMA Connectors
SAC1134 2~8GHz32 dBN/A1 dB1.51.612 dBmN/AN/A+7V~+15V120mAN/AAluminum Alloy/Kovar Hermetically Sealed with SMA Connectors
SAC1135 1.2 ~ 3.4 GHz34 dBN/A0.7 dB1.51.618 dBmN/A28 dBm+7~+15V110mAN/AAluminum Alloy Case
SAC1136 0.9 ~ 2.0 GHz15 dBN/A0.7 dB1.51.515 dBmN/AN/A+7V~+15V40mAN/AAluminum Alloy